/ Ozone Teeth Whitening




Dentist developed ozone-boosted express teeth whitening for pearly white teeth. Our leading dentists have developed a new, revolutionary teeth whitening system. Delivered in a luxurious setting, our proprietary flash whitening system is boosted by ozone to provide pearly white teeth, with no pain, in less than 15 minutes. Our ozone-boosted system will deliver visibly whiter teeth in as little as one treatment.


Pain and extreme levels of sensitivity are normally the downside of traditional whitening procedures. Our proprietary ozone-boosted whitening system is the most effective pain free, low sensitivity way to safely whiten teeth.


Individuals’ teeth whiten at different rates, with factors such as diet, age and enamel strength impacting on the results. Our customers will get visibly whiter teeth at their first express treatment and can continue to whiten their teeth to the right level of pearly white with future visits to CCC.

The whitening results are immediate and the effects are cumulative – so for best results, we recommend regular sessions.

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